Symbiosis Series with Isabel Cavenecia
Curated by Fenne Saedt
at Platform Post, Nijmegen
Documentation by Tommy Smits

Exhibition text by Fenne Saedt:

What invisible worlds lie hidden in our subconscious? 

The artworks of Isabel Cavenecia and Shani Leseman arise from what goes on inside them. Both artists work mostly intuitively, avoiding any preconceived ideas. This often manifests itself in acrylic and oil paintings, ceramic sculptures and soft pastel drawings. Works of art full of symbolism, in which hands, boats, mirrors or doors and figures lead you to other realities. Like parallel worlds, the afterlife but also worlds that run through ours; the world of your dreams, ghosts, things you don't physically see in our world. 

Cavenecia and Leseman are interested in the spiritual: that which cannot always be perceived concretely or with senses, but which can be experienced. From card readers predicting the future to talismans with magical powers. But shamanism, magic, out-of-body experiences and astral travel (travelling to parallel universes) also influence their art practice. 

At POST, the artists collaborate on an installation that includes reflections, shadows and doors. They are diverse imaginings of portals to worlds invisible to us. Cavenecia and Leseman show that these invisible worlds can coexist and their installation suggests that travelling between these different realities is possible.