Do for Love
Curated by Amy Stenvert
How far are we willing to go for what we love? That question is central to Do For Love. The starting point of the exhibition is close to home: the IJsselstein heroine Vrouwe Bertha was the inspiration. Contemporary artists show their vision on the themes of love, struggle, protection and sacrifice. 

Several talismans related to protection, love and emotions were displayed. In the castle tower of IJsstelstein, the exhibition continued and I showed my painting ‘Telepathy Happens’ where the talismans derived from. During the opening, My Guides and Me and Piyoyo performed.

With: Marian Genet, Shani Leseman, Ischa Kempka,  Isa van Lier, Daisy Madden-Wells, Maria Roosen and Efrat Zehavi