An ongoing series of ceramic tarot cards, made using a exercise where for every letter of the alphabet a personally meaningful symbol is written down. The  symbols are reoccuring themes or objects that potentially hold messages or insights when put into the context of a reading. 

The cards are for sale for €150 each, as a fundraiser action. All profits will be donated to Carf Curacao

Sizes vary, about 21 x 13 x 0,5 cm
the cards can be hung on a wall by a notch on the back
for questions about specific pieces: 

A for Ask

A for Alter

 B for Belonging

C for Core

D for Dowsing Rod

E for Energy #1

E for Energy #2

F for Factors

G for Ground

H for Hours

I for Intuition

I for Idea

J for Jar

J for Jaw

K for Know

L for Light   

M for Morning

N for New

O for Other

P for Prana

Q for Quest #1

Q for Quest #2   

R for Rest

S for Stairs

T for Teeth

T for Tomorrow

U for Unite

V for Vessel

W for Warmth

X for eXistence

Y for You


Z for Zoomorphic