By selling these ceramics I am raising money to rescue some cats locked up in a barn in Spain. It will help to pay for a.o. vet costs and travels, their passports and microchips.

In case you want to donate, that’s possible here 

26 tarot-like cards depicting symbols and ideas. One for every letter of the alphabet.

A for Angels

B for Birds 

C for Cavedrawing

D for Dogs

E for Eye

F for Future

G for Guides

H for Hands

I for If

J for Jaw

K for Keys

L for Lemons

M for Mugwort(h)

N for Network

O for Overprotected

P for Portal

Q for Question

R for Roots

S for Sea Sparkle

T for Time   

U for Unite

V for Vaporize

W for Water

X for Xiphoid Process

Y for Yolo

Z for Zero