Shani Leseman (Curaçao, 1996)
Living and working in The Hague


2014 - 2018 Bachelor Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 Erasmus exchange semester at Listahaskoli Islands, Reykjavik, Iceland


2021  ‘The Party’, De Blauwe Dwaas, Tilburg

2021 Sterrentuin II / Garden of Stars II, curated and organized with Caroline Straver

2021 Home Fountain Special, Rotterdam

2021 De Koninginnedag Tentoonstelling, Hgtomi Rosa, The Hague
2021 De man die twee mannen werd, duo show with Caroline Straver, Atelier Oh Nee, The Hague
2021 Tiny Art Gallery, The Hague
2020 Rhythms of the Evergreen, DYAD, Amsterdam
2020 Tiny Art Gallery, The Hague
2020 Sterrentuin / Garden of Stars, The Hague, curated and organized with Brigitte Louter, Caroline Straver
2019 A good work will work,  Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
2019 Mural for Elephant in the room, Thessaloniki
2018 Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

2017 The thing must fit under the seat in front of you, RÝMD, Reykjavik, in collaboration with Nikki Selser and Brigitte Louter
2017 Nokia’s Tagline, MOOOF, The Hague, curated by Samiha Awad
2017 Get Serious!, Oslo National Academy of Arts, Oslo, curated by Erla Audunsdottir
2017 Mothers’ Garage, various locations across Reykjavik

2016 The Shark's Pretty Teeth, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
2016 Walk this way, please, sir/madam, Gallery P, Vilnius, in collaboration with Saulė Noreikaitė 
2016 To play in a loop, video screening, Kavinė Kultūra, Kaunas
2016 All the ages I have been, online exhibition curated by Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart
2015 OTSEFINAM (MANIFESTO) or how to activate a fanzine,TENT, Rotterdam
2015 Performative Research screening and live performances, Stroom,The Hague

2014 Easy Show, EXO, The Hague


2021 Correspondence, in collaboration with Saulė Noreikaitė

2021 De man die twee mannen werd / The Man Who Became Two Men,  in collaboration with Caroline Straver, translated in English by Natasha Rijkhoff

2018 The Ritual of Art